Vray world is a community of thought, a shared 3d art gallery, a thirst to know how 3d design will evolve worldwide, a respect for this new way of art and a decision to record this fact visually.
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Zancanaro Ramon.


Classroom Scene.



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Freelance Artist
Classroom Scene
Zivicky Adam
Hi all This is my Classroom Scene. I ´ve started with the scene maybe two years ago, just during my free time I was playing with it.
Estudio A2T
Altieri Juan
offices in UK.
Interspace Interiors
Gangsters Meet
Khan Faheem
This is my own art work, though its an old work but I tried to make it realistic.
Freelance Artist
Colourful Kitchen
Peltzer Thomas
Hey Guys, this is another spare time project - just to improve my skills. I was inspired by some nice kitchen photographs.
Pixel Must Die  
Ratajczak Zbigniew
Born in Poland in 1981  
Zbigniew started 3d design about ten years ago. He was so impressed and the third dimension hooked him immediately. Except for a great 3d artist he is also a great photographer. He works at his own studio, Pixel Must Die and he creates unique pieces of art.
Thi Lima - Design, 3D & Animation  
Lima Thiago
Born in Brazil in 1985  
Thiago is a Brazilian 3d artist. Last year with his project "The Butterfly" he made sense to the global 3d community and he won our monthly Best ArchViz award. After that he achieved to enter Vray World *Club as he voted by the majority of our *Club Members!
Established in 2006 in Saluzzo  
StudioViro is a youg CG agency based in Italy. We have been serving architects and companies with high quality computer generated graphics for over 6 years.
Delta Tracing
Established in 1999 in Marcon  
Delta Tracing has been in business since 1999 and immediately placed among the best Italian digital visualization companies, thanks to the high quality and to the emotion that our production evokes.


Making Of: Art Gallery
Art Gallery is a project we have really enjoyed as it includes several close up shots with a soft lighting mood and with simple but qualitative materials. So we asked from Dilyan to share with us his project's workflow and thus this making of article was born. Enjoy it!
Photography: Exposure in 3d photography
Last year trying to get more familiar with the general principles of photography and lighting we read a lot of different articles around the web. In fact we tried to use this knowledge in V-Ray and thus this article was born. I would like to share it with VW community as for us it worked really nice and we hope that you like it!
Interior Design: Furniture arrangement and function - Part I
One of the most important articles for all 3d artists who aim to learn how to create an aesthetic and functional interior space. Special thanks to Anastassis who shared all those useful articles with us.
Useful Tips: Phoenix FD - Create Dust and Fine Debris
Phoenix FD - Dust and Fine Debris Tutorial by Michael McCarthy.
Xfree3D: Hang It All Coat Rack by Vitra
3D models of great designs for the professional community. Free for both personal & commercial use. Enjoy!
Architecture: The architect’s toolbox
How design ideas are crafted and communicated through a rich plethora of architectural tools.


V-Ray 3.0 for Maya is ready for battle
V-Ray 3.0 for Maya is here. With a powerful new set of features and optimizations focused on speeding up lighting, look development and rendering workflows, V-Ray 3.0 for Maya is ready for battle.
Design connected - Weekly models
New Design Connected models are out! An amazing outdoor armchair by Kettal, Spain.
CGAxis Models Volume 52 - 3D Supermarket II
The collection contains 25 highly detailed 3D models of shop/supermarket equipment.
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