Vray world is a community of thought, a shared 3d art gallery, a thirst to know how 3d design will evolve worldwide, a respect for this new way of art and a decision to record this fact visually.
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Zancanaro Ramon.


Bedroom II.



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Freelance artist
Rivero Ramon
This was my personal project for Evermotion challenge 2015, An idea of a loft.
Freelance artist
Black Scene
Saliba Marwan
A black scene that I designed and rendered.
Freelance Artist
Bedroom II
Sernal Jay
Hi to all I want to share my personal work Simple Interior. thanks for viewing ;)
Freelance artist
Inside Out - Magic Factory
Deredas Sebastian
Inside out is a project which shows that being an artist is limited only by own imagination.
Altieri Juan
Born in 1972  
Juan began learning 3d cad applications around 2000. He likes the designing process as a whole process. For him 3d art is a hobby and a way of life. Now he is working at his own 3d design studio A2T and his suggestion to all of us: "Just be yourself".
Miksa Tomek
Born in Poland in 1979  
Tomek is a really talented 3d artist and with his own dramatic style he has created some great projects. He encourages us to be brave and open-minded with our creations as 3d art is full of emotions!
Fresh House
Established in 2012 in Ho Chi Minh  
With many years working in Visualization and architecture field, we will satisfy all your needs !
Established in 2010 in Ho Chi Minh  
ATviz is a professional 3D visualization studio formed by a group of architects and professional 3d artists working in a wide variety of projects. We bring real world to your design.
Coffee Set
by Tomek Michalski
Coffee Set free 3d model. Enjoy it!
Hdri - Skies VW 03
by Agata Galewska
Free hdri sky Daylight, enjoy it!
LG 1982 Display
by Paul McCann
LG 1982 Display free 3D model.
TomDixon Ball Pendant
by Paul McCann
TomDixon Ball Pendant free 3D model.


Making Of: The Mountain House
The Mountain House is a project we have really enjoyed as it includes a nice environment creation and an atmospheric lighting . So we asked from Kleiton to share with us his project's workflow and thus this making of article has been created. Enjoy it!
Photography: Close-Up & Macro 3D Photography Tips.
As 3d artists we love close-up photography because no matter where we are, no matter the season or the time of the day. We can find our close-up subject everywhere near us even we are sitting on the chair of our balcony !
Interior Design: Lighting in interior design.
Introduction - Light Sources & Illumination - Lighting Design Process.
Script&Plugin: Max Plugins - VoroFrag
mmRegions is a free script which helps you manage the render regions in your scene. Use is to save/load different regions, and to batch-render multiple regions.
Useful Tips: Correcting Smooth & Mesh Flow Issues
In this video I try to resolve smoothing issues on a course mate's van model.
Inspiration: Martino Gamper - Salone del Mobile
A simple In-Out chair which can be used in several materials.
5SRW: Students - Black & White Room
I definitely love light in all its facets, because it defines, modulates, articulates and gives measure to architecture and spaces that we want to recreate.


Design connected - Weekly models
New Design Connected models are out! Carpets, lamps & a cozy sofa by Capdell.
Design connected - Weekly models
New Design Connected models are out! Carpets, chairs & a cozy armchair by Capdell.
Design connected - Weekly models
New Design Connected models are out! Decors, lamps & an amazing sofa by Ligne Roset.
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