Vray world is a community of thought, a shared 3d art gallery, a thirst to know how 3d design will evolve worldwide, a respect for this new way of art and a decision to record this fact visually.
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Gorski Zoran.

Delta Tracing.




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Scarlet Digital Solutions
Ruby night
Shahapurkar Nikhil
This is a Commercial project I worked on recently.
Freelance Artist
BMW M3 industrial
Montazeri Vahid
BMW M3 E46 by Vahid Montazeri, I hope that you like it.
Freelance artist
Alayoubi Muhammed Adib
Hotel in moroco. I hope that you like it.
Old Brazilian Kitchen
Reis Rafael
This is a typical kitchen of the interior of Minas Gerais, one of the main states in Brazil.
Bendus Mihail
Born in 1986  
Mihail went to university to study architecture and there it was where he first heard about 3d art. He has won several 3d and architectural awards. His main goal for the future is to continue to improve his skills and find a job in a European company related to 3d.
Blue Post  
Cheol-min Kim
Seoul - Korea  
Cheol is a very talented 3d artist from Korea. He won our first big award and he became the first new *Club artist in Vray World. 3D art is a part of his life and he is proud of that. He wants to go abroad and be someone who can make valuable 3d art.
Established in 2006 in Berlin  
xoio creates illustrative CGI content, both still and animated.
Established in 2009 in Zabrze  
Orangegraphics is a graphic design studio located in Poland specializing in creation of photorealistic visualizations.
Bumpy Grass
by Aversis Team
Free V-Ray material scratched metal. Enjoy it!
Monthly HDRI map VI
by Aversis Team
Free monthly HDRI map - August
West Elm Martini Side Table
by Aplusstudio
West Elm Martini Side Table free 3D model.
Tablo tabel
by Aplusstudio
Tablo tabel by normann Copenhagen free 3D model.


Making Of: Louvre Architectural Film
It was a few months ago when we first saw some stills of this project uploaded on our FB *Group. It was obvious that a passionate 3d artist was hidden behind it! Just a few weeks ago Ryan presented his personal project "Louvre Architectural Film" and then he kindly prepared a really interesting making of article for VW Community. Enjoy it!
Photography: Exposure in 3d photography
Last year trying to get more familiar with the general principles of photography and lighting we read a lot of different articles around the web. In fact we tried to use this knowledge in V-Ray and thus this article was born. I would like to share it with VW community as for us it worked really nice and we hope that you like it!
Interior Design: LC50 FILM
From past to present one and only word may have kept its meaning unalterable. "Quality"
Useful Tips: V-Ray sampling tutorial
My current favourite way of setting up V-Ray sampling. The video was recorded in 3ds Max and V-Ray 3.2 for 3ds Max, but is valid for any other V-Ray 3.x integration (i.e. Maya, Modo, Katana etc)
Architecture: Musée Miniature et Cinema
It was in November 2014 when I walked in the historic center of Lyon. I had just "steal" a few hours from my business trip to explore the area by holding my camera and capturing anything I found interesting in front of me.
5SRW: Students - Joan Pastor - Bright Bedroom
The 5SRW method was truly a great discover for me.


Design connected - Weekly models
New Design Connected models are out. Tables, lamps & an amazing chair by Arketipo, Italy.
V-Ray 3.1 for Maya
V-Ray 3.1 for Maya contains over 100 new and modified features, including support for Maya 2016. Here is a glimpse of what's new.
Design connected - Weekly models
New Design Connected models are out. Tables, lamps & an amazing chair by Cassina, Italy
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