Vray world is a community of thought, a shared 3d art gallery, a thirst to know how 3d design will evolve worldwide, a respect for this new way of art and a decision to record this fact visually.
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Magnus Creative
Faithful And True
Heath Mike
“I saw heaven standing open and there before me was a white horse, whose rider is called Faithful and True. With justice he judges and wages war…” —Rev 19:11 I created this piece in honor of my God!
Freelance artist
Star Citizen
Goliszek Marc
Nemesis "Dark Vengeance Among The Stars" Rapid response single seat stealth fighter and electronic warfare space unit developed by Aegis Dynamics.
Freelance Artist
Hard To Gain
Kacar Volkan
My last project, I hope that you like it!
Cigar Lounge
Guillen Ivan
Interior cigar lounge for a clietn in Mexico.
Ratajczak Zbigniew
Born in 1981  
Zbigniew started 3d design about ten years ago. He was so impressed and the third dimension hooked him immediately. Except for a great 3d artist he is also a great photographer. He works at his own studio, Pixel Must Die and he creates unique pieces of art.
Atelier Feuerroth  
Feuerroth Michael
Born in Germany in 1983  
Michael makes us feel the harmony through his special photographic style. We could say a lot about the quality of his work but just keep his words in mind. "Do not just draw realistic things – put a spirit in it, regardless if it’s the most realistic thing ever. I feel like everyone’s doing the same thing at the moment, try to be unique!"
Established in 2012 in Beirut  
Architectural Visualization has become a main asset to architecture,so artists and studios world-wide are competing furiously to be the best. For that reason Sleiman Sbeih founded K-frame to be a lead and a main competitor from Lebanon.
Established in 2010 in Ho Chi Minh  
ATviz is a professional 3D visualization studio formed by a group of architects and professional 3d artists working in a wide variety of projects. We bring real world to your design.
Blank Repository
3D Food Scan
Digital Repository for High Quality 3D Scan data, based on Santiago, Chile. Our goal is to keep expanding the repository and improving the quality of the data, in order to create a huge reliable source of 3D scan data.
Dodge Charger RT69
by Narek Gabazyan
Free 3D model of Dodge Charger RT69.
Freelance artist
Metallic Chair
by Vitalii Tomashchuk
Free 3d model Metallic Chair. Enjoy it!
Freelance artist
Lamp Table IV
by Vitalii Tomashchuk
Free 3d model Lamp Table IV. Enjoy it!


Making Of: 50 Rise Tower
50 Rise Tower is a project that we have really enjoyed as it includes a nice environment creation, an atmospheric lighting and finally a spectacular architectural form. We asked from Wassim and Alfred to share with us their project's workflow and thus this making of article has been created. Enjoy it!
Photography: Close-Up & Macro 3D Photography Tips.
As 3d artists we love close-up photography because no matter where we are, no matter the season or the time of the day. We can find our close-up subject everywhere near us even we are sitting on the chair of our balcony !
Interior Design: Tips & Tricks For Scandinavian Interiors.
The love that 3d artists have for Scandinavian design is obvious. For this reason we created an article in order to help you by giving some tips and guidelines concerning the Scandinavian interior design style. Enjoy it!
Script&Plugin: Max Scripts - MCG BraidGen
Very useful script for wicker modeling!
Useful Tips: Create Cloud Scene
In this tutorial we will create a beautiful puffy cloud scene , we will use particle flow , fume fx and after effect to achieve the result we want, so sit back enjoy and learn.
Inspiration: Sail - A Rational Beauty
An amazing video presentation for Sail chair by Andrew World.
5SRW: 5SRW - V-Ray Masterclass - Dubai
5SRW Masterclass in Dubai was simply awesome!


Design connected - Weekly models
New & Updated Design Connected models are out!
Design connected - Weekly models
New & Updated Design Connected models are out!
Design connected - Weekly models
New & Updated Design Connected models are out!
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