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Ratajczak Zbigniew.


City Square Reconstruction.



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Melancholy Mist
Lakic Vladimir
Just a glimpse of a project that we're currently working on. Combination of lonely house in wilderness with complete freedom of expressing the architecture, makes these kind of projects our favorite ones.
Cihan Ozkan ArchViz
Sardunya Street
Ozkan Cihan
My last project. I hope that you like it!
Freelance artist
City Square Reconstruction
Roschencko Roman
First thoughts on the reconstruction of the area appeared during the work on the reconstruction of the church in 3D. The integration of the new building (the church) requires improvement of its territory and reorganization of square in many ways. I hope you like our project!
ArX Solutions
The Loft
Elkhodeiry Yasser
Project started with a reference image found on the internet. Original photographer, unknown. Modeling, texturing, lighting, rendering and Post-production, all done by me.
Podwojewski Pawel
Pawel is an interactive art director specializing in architectural visualizations. He has established MOTYW company where together with a bunch of crazy people they try to push the limits of their CGI Kung Fu a bit further every day.
Miksa Tomek
Born in Poland in 1979  
Tomek is a really talented 3d artist and with his own dramatic style he has created some great projects. He encourages us to be brave and open-minded with our creations as 3d art is full of emotions!
Established in 2012 in Beirut  
Architectural Visualization has become a main asset to architecture,so artists and studios world-wide are competing furiously to be the best. For that reason Sleiman Sbeih founded K-frame to be a lead and a main competitor from Lebanon.
Fresh House
Established in 2012 in Ho Chi Minh  
With many years working in Visualization and architecture field, we will satisfy all your needs !
Human Alloy
Casual 3D People - Esmee004
by Tristan Bethe
Free Pre posed female 3D model in casual attire wearing a hat, pants, high heels, suede jacket, scarf and purple leather bag holding sunglasses. Walking and shopping pose. Sunglasses are a separate object.
Common Beech
by Karol Jarek
Common Beech 3D model FREE. Only on CGAxis Blog you can get this high quality 3D model.
Shoping Baskets
by Karol Jarek
Shoping Baskets 3D model FREE. Only on CGAxis Blog you can get this high quality 3D model.
Cubic Clock
by Karol Jarek
Cubic Clock 3D model FREE. Only on CGAxis Blog you can get this high quality 3D model.


Making Of: Beginners guide to procedural shading
Michael has recently created this beautiful article on procedural shading using Maya & Vray and we asked him to share it with our community. Enjoy it!
Photography: Close-Up & Macro 3D Photography Tips.
As 3d artists we love close-up photography because no matter where we are, no matter the season or the time of the day. We can find our close-up subject everywhere near us even we are sitting on the chair of our balcony !
Interior Design: Classical Arabic Design.
This is an article which speaks about Classical Arabic Design With Western Contemporary Trends. We thought that it will be useful for some of our *Members who work on more classic renderings quite often. Enjoy it!
Script&Plugin: Max Scripts - MCG FFS
This script looks great and helpful, check it out!
Useful Tips: Interactive Vray Tutorials For Beginners.
Here you can find a list of interactive simulations designed to explain Vray attributes in the easiest and most intuitive way possible. These documentations are intended to be used for both beginners and professionals as a on-hand online documentation while working on 3D projects.
Inspiration: Hello Waterfront Living
After more than a year sharing a cramped San Francisco apartment where the view from her bedroom was an air shaft between buildings, Kelsey Lettko needed a change.
5SRW: Students - Contemporary Kitchen
I am a C4d user, when I subscribed 5SRW Course I started from the scratch... this course helped me to do things that just some month ago I couldn’t even dream about!


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Design connected - Weekly models
New Design Connected models are out!
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