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Gorski Zoran.


Office Concept.



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Office Concept
Vetrov Pavel
Office concept work done in 2013.
Prefab House in Dunes
Spina Facundo
Exterior visualization made for F-TRES, an architectural studio in Argentina, for their prefab housing project.
Container House
Castro Sanchez Humberto
Architecture based in the recycled waste of containers for society.
TH Mega Render
Rolling Cubes
Mousavi Taha
Back to the basic shape in architecture but use it in the other way, the way that it seems there is no horizontal and vertical lines.
Thi Lima - Design, 3D & Animation  
Lima Thiago
Born in Brazil in 1985  
Thiago is a Brazilian 3d artist. Last year with his project "The Butterfly" he made sense to the global 3d community and he won our monthly Best ArchViz award. After that he achieved to enter Vray World *Club as he voted by the majority of our *Club Members!
Gorski Zoran
Born in 1975  
Zoran has always been interested in arts. He realized 3d is his love and started working to make it his full time job. In 2001 he and his friend Omar joined to form Arscom Studio, and they pushed hard to satisfy their clients worldwide offering good quality work.
Established in 2006 in Berlin  
xoio creates illustrative CGI content, both still and animated.
Delta Tracing
Established in 1999 in Marcon  
Delta Tracing has been in business since 1999 and immediately placed among the best Italian digital visualization companies, thanks to the high quality and to the emotion that our production evokes.
Design Connected
E2 Chair
by ODESD2 , Ukraine
Designer: Nikita Bukoros
Marble Beige
by Adán Martín
The texture pack also includes individual maps in high resolution for multitexture usage.
Bedclothes II
by 6alyai
Bedclothes II free 3D model.
Bed & nightstand Aphrodite
by Knyaz89
Bed & nightstand Aphrodite free 3D model.


Making Of: Louvre Architectural Film
It was a few months ago when we first saw some stills of this project uploaded on our FB *Group. It was obvious that a passionate 3d artist was hidden behind it! Just a few weeks ago Ryan presented his personal project "Louvre Architectural Film" and then he kindly prepared a really interesting making of article for VW Community. Enjoy it!
Photography: Exposure in 3d photography
Last year trying to get more familiar with the general principles of photography and lighting we read a lot of different articles around the web. In fact we tried to use this knowledge in V-Ray and thus this article was born. I would like to share it with VW community as for us it worked really nice and we hope that you like it!
Interior Design: Furniture arrangement and function - Part II
Crowding - Territoriality - Furniture Groupings & Design Principles. One of the most important articles for all 3d artists who aim to learn how to create an aesthetic and functional interior space. Special thanks to Anastassis who shared all those useful articles with us.
Useful Tips: Max Scripts - Mipoll Placement
Script to position an object accurately on the surface of another object.
Architecture: Musée Miniature et Cinema
It was in November 2014 when I walked in the historic center of Lyon. I had just "steal" a few hours from my business trip to explore the area by holding my camera and capturing anything I found interesting in front of me.
Furniture: Kinesit Collection
When the presentation has a meaning...
5SRW: Students - Nuno Silva - Tree House
I'm learning from the 5SRW Course some very good tricks and tips.


Design connected - Weekly models
New Design Connected models are out. Tables, Sofas & an amazing armchair by Vincent Sheppard, Belgium
Design connected - Weekly models
New Design Connected models are out. Lamps, decors & an amazing chair by Varaschin, Italy.
CGAxis - 3D Toys Collection Sale
CGAxis Models Volume 40 3D Toys All formats only $19!
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