Vray world is a community of thought, a shared 3d art gallery, a thirst to know how 3d design will evolve worldwide, a respect for this new way of art and a decision to record this fact visually.
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Denko Marek.

Delta Tracing.

Freeline III.



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Freelance Artist
House in the trees
Jokar Mohammad
My last exterior work.
Penamacor house
Silva Pedro
Images SPEAK about rebuilding a house in Penamacor, a small village in Serra da Estrela.
Freelance Artist
Freeline III
Sezgin Serhat
This locality belongs to "gab interio" I used 3dsmax 2009 64 bit and vray sp1, Photoshop Cs2 for postwork.
37d Architecture Office
The Green Office
Yerga Alberto
We believe that an image really works when all of its elements coexists harmoniously. Thanks to the characters of AXYZ and the Laubwerk Trees achieving this balance in infographics becomes less difficult.
Zancanaro Ramon
Ramon is a Brazilian 3d artist.
Blue Post  
Cheol-min Kim
Seoul - Korea  
Cheol is a very talented 3d artist from Korea. He won our first big award and he became the first new *Club artist in Vray World. 3D art is a part of his life and he is proud of that. He wants to go abroad and be someone who can make valuable 3d art.
Delta Tracing
Established in 1999 in Marcon  
Delta Tracing has been in business since 1999 and immediately placed among the best Italian digital visualization companies, thanks to the high quality and to the emotion that our production evokes.
Established in 2006 in Berlin  
xoio creates illustrative CGI content, both still and animated.


Making Of: Z House.
Guilherme was nominated for our award "Best ArchViz Project" for the month of April 2014 presenting the Z House as a personal project. The photo-realistic level of this project is amazing, that's why we asked him to share with us his workflow. A really great & detailed making of article was born. Enjoy it!
Photography: Exposure in 3d photography
Last year trying to get more familiar with the general principles of photography and lighting we read a lot of different articles around the web. In fact we tried to use this knowledge in V-Ray and thus this article was born. I would like to share it with VW community as for us it worked really nice and we hope that you like it!
Interior Design: Furniture arrangement and function - Part I
One of the most important articles for all 3d artists who aim to learn how to create an aesthetic and functional interior space. Special thanks to Anastassis who shared all those useful articles with us.
Useful Tips: Cinema 4D - Modelling of chain
In this tutorial, we have model a chain by using simple method. No plugins are used!
Xfree3D: 69 free HDRI images
If you are looking for some free HDRI images look no more and download the 69 free HDRI images!
Architecture: The architect’s toolbox
How design ideas are crafted and communicated through a rich plethora of architectural tools.


Chaos Group at FMX 2014
Chaos Group has invited industry experts to deliver insightful presentations, live demos and introduce recent advancements in graphics hardware and software capabilities during FMX 2014.
Free 3d model - Classic Wall Clock
Free CGAxis 3D model, available to 22nd April. Classic Wall Clock in many formats!
CGAxis Easter Sale 50% OFF on ALL
Easter Sale 2014 is launched. Use code: easter14 and get 50% off on all 3d models and collections
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